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Amethyst Wyldfyre & Mikhael Solenne

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Gift #1
Complimentary Subscription to our E-Magazine & Resource Center for Messengers on the Path of Service!

In this subscription, we regularly share powerful and practical ways you can get more clear, focus your energy, and feel safe and confident speaking your truth, asking for sacred money, and serving your purpose in the FULLEST as an Empowered Messenger. As you evolve through your personal and professional sacred ventures, this resource center offers options you can immediately apply in your personal life, and your divine business, to deliver your blessings and messages to the world. And it's all conveniently delivered to your inbox, so you don't have to GO somewhere and 'futz' around, to find what you want.

The focus of our monthly publication, The Energy Edge, is to help you build your capacity to:

  • Get grounded and learn to protect yourself energetically
  • Focus your energy, build your power, take action, and see results
  • Stand strong and get clear in your personal and professional boundaries
  • Open your Channel & Consciousness to inspiration & more effective ways of being truly ALIVE
  • Receive love, money, supply, blessings, and all the Divine Wealth that's your birthright
  • Energize and Manifest your dreams and visions to serve and be served

This publication is powerful and to the point. Every issue offers efficient, high-impact tips, tools and techniques, as well as assorted other opportunities and resources, to invite, assist and encourage you to get into sacred action—both inner and outer! If you are not completely thrilled with the value you receive from the resources we share with you, you can remove yourself from our community anytime with one simple click! No sweat, and much love to you!

If you’ve been called into service by playing the role of a coach, speaker, leader, artist, healer or other heart-driven, life-opening professional, and you're preparing to leap FEARLESSLY into your next highest level of service to the planet, we encourage you to join our global community and RECEIVE today. Now more than ever do we need COMMUNITY — to receive support, guidance, training, friendship, and blessings — so WE can get out there, and be all we're here to be. We'd love to welcome you into our circle.

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Gift #2
The Opportunity to Apply for a Complimentary
Private S.E.E. Appointment with one of us!

With a very limited availability, we offer you the opportunity to apply for a Complimentary Strategic Empowerment Evaluation (SEE appointment) to explore your purpose, mission, message and dreams; the biggest challenges that are limiting the clarity and power of your personal energy field and the energy of your venture (the vehicle for your message); and ways to shift your energy, move into your next level of service to the planet, and prepare to have your message heard by millions!

As mentioned, we have a limited number of appointments available and request that only applicants who feel deeply called into their next HIGHEST level of service to the planet, and who are serious about investing in dramatically improving their clarity, power, energy and results in all areas of business and life apply. Please sign up for a SEE appointment below or above and we'll let you know very soon if you are selected!

Gift #3
Let's Talk About $$$$!
The Five Sacred Acts of Coming
Into Right Relationship With Money

How's your relationship with money? Is it complicated, to say the least?

In this audio training, we offer a system of 5 potent processes to transform your relationship with divine money energy, so you can erase struggle and suffering around money, create ease and peace as you engage the money systems of our society and planet, and generate a current of currency—flow—in your life, your family's life, your business, and the whole planet.

The energy of money has too long been misused and abused. It is time to heal our hurts around money, and eliminate our avoidances and aversions to dealing with the divine money matrix.

As we awaken to our spiritual nature, it is time we each easily and joyfully be able to send money out, and invest in ourselves and all the things we LOVE. It is time we each easily and gracefully RECEIVE money into our container, into our divine stewardship, and become a wellspring of resources, free from reactions, fears, struggle and trauma around money-energy.

In this audio, we share a powerful system to help you do this, integrating both spiritually-appropriate AND practically useful tools, practices and ways of being. This is our most popular teleclass ever! And you can receive it for free, today.

Simply enter your info below, open yourself to be in the flow and RECEIVE, and we'll send you info on how to download this mp3 audio training immediately.

*We respect and hold sacred the privacy and confidentiality of your contact information. We never share any such information that is gifted to our stewardship.

About Mikhael Solenne & Amethyst Wyldfyre

Amethyst Wyldfyre & Mikhael Solenne - The Empowered Messenger Mentors - are transformational and visionary spiritual leaders, teachers and multidimensional navigational guides. They specialize in facilitating heart-driven coaches, speakers, creatives, healers, legacy leaders and other life-opening professionals, to LEAP fearlessly into their highest level of service to the planet.

Originators of the Prepare to be Heard by Millions: Inner Clarity Intensive for the Empowered Messenger, they work in partnership serving small groups of heart- & purpose-driven conscious messengers to do the inner work necessary to actually get their message out there, to those here to receive it! In sacred space, their groups set the energetic-spiritual structures in place to burst through stagnation, become exponentially more clear, focused and confident, and take the action they need to take, fullfilling their spiritual calling at a whole new level of effectiveness and ease.

In their work on the Internet and Live, they have reached hundreds of thousands with their message of illumination, purpose and success through heart-powered creative ventures. Their client roster includes NY Times bestselling authors, Hay House Radio show hosts, famous internet marketing and sales trainers and other international celebrities and leaders. In the 2010 Be The Change Awards, their business was recognized as a "Movement to Watch".